2nd Grade

Our second grade students spend their year learning about all aspects of Israel – geography, food, culture and the people who love there. This curriculum is highly experiential and several of the classes involve stations for all second grade classes to participate in. The year ends with a “trip” to Israel, where students learn about water conservation, snack in a Bedouin tent and create boats to carry items in and out of Haifa’s port. In Hebrew, students begin to blend letters and vowels together and work on learning a handful of modern Hebrew words (door, pencil, etc.)

By the end of the year, second grade students who attend regularly should be able to:

  • Name at least three cities in Israel.
  • Draw an accurate Israeli flag.
  • Explain what happens at The Kotel/Wailing Wall and why the location is historically significant.
  • Evaluate the benefits and challenges of living on a kibbutz.
  • Name two popular Israeli foods.
  • Correctly identify at least half of the Hebrew letters and vowels.