Our fourth grade students spend their year learning about two major holidays, Hanukah and Passover. Within each unit, students will learn about the holiday itself, some of the foods associated with the holiday and a way that holiday correlates to an issue of social justice in the world around us; Hanukah will emphasize caring for the elderly and Passover will focus on freedom.

Beginning in fourth grade, students begin our individualized Hebrew program. After passing the Golden Aleph Test (correctly identifying the names and sounds of all of the letters and the sounds of all of the vowels), they move at their own pace through the prayers, testing at each level to achieve their next dog tag. During this time, students work in mixed grade level groups, with other students at their same level.

By the end of the year, fourth grade students who attend regularly should be able to:

  • Recall the basic story of each holiday.
  • Generalize the lesson of the holidays.
  • Model a modern way to celebrate each holiday
  • Explain the why each social action project relates to the holiday.
  • Assess their own “Egypts” and how they can free themselves.
  • Advance in Hebrew from where they started at the beginning of the year.*


* As our students move at their own pace through the program and because we have students who begin learning Hebrew for the first time in all grades, we do not set markers for what a child “must” learn by the end of a certain year.