Our fifth grade students spend the year exploring the changing American Jewish Experience. This curriculum will highlight the experiences of the last 350 years. Students will use primary documents to shape an understanding of what life was like for immigrants and how things have changed in the time since then. The curriculum will be divided into three sections: Introduction (pre-1880s), The Immigrant Experience (1880s-1930s) and Living in America (1930s-today).

In fifth grade, students continue our individualized Hebrew program. After passing the Golden Aleph Test (correctly identifying the names and sounds of all of the letters and the sounds of all of the vowels), they move at their own pace through the prayers, testing at each level to achieve their next dog tag. During this time, students work in mixed grade level groups, with other students at their same level.

By the end of the year, fifth grade students who attend regularly should be able to:

  • Consider the differences between being an American Jew and a Jewish American.
  • Give examples of things which might prompt someone to immigrate to another country.
  • Describe what it was like to come through Ellis Island.
  • Give examples of things that Jews needed to create a Jewish community, in different time periods of American history.
  • Share at least two facts about the impact of Jews on the growing city of Los Angeles.
  • Advance in Hebrew from where they started at the beginning of the year.*


* As our students move at their own pace through the program and because we have students who begin learning Hebrew for the first time in all grades, we do not set markers for what a child “must” learn by the end of a certain year.