JEC Curriculum and Summary

In the Jewish Experience Center, our number one priority is to create an environment where children can connect with Judaism and Jewish peers in a memorable and meaningful way. We believe there is a sacred partnership between the JEC and each family and we look forward to working together, with you, to create opportunities for your child to develop both their our Jewish identity and an understanding of their place amongst the Jewish people.

Our kindergarten through seventh grade curriculum is framed by three core questions:

  1. What does it mean for me to be part of a Jewish family?
  2. What does it mean for me to be Jewish?
  3. What does it mean for me to be part of a Jewish community?

Students will explore these questions in a focused way, with kindergarten and first grade focusing on Jewish family, second and third grade focusing on personal identity and fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grade focusing on the broader Jewish community.  As you can see, this lends itself to a developmentally appropriate progression, allowing students to start in their homes and expand outwards.

All of our programming is inspired by project-based learning.  Project-based learning (PBL) is both a philosophy and a process that focuses on differentiated learning, real world connections and a depth of meaning making.  Moreover, this gives this an organic way to incorporate a variety of topics into each year’s curriculum.  We believe the range of content (rather than studying one topic for the majority of the year) will be more interesting for students and help them better understand and answer the core question for their grade.  Additionally, the new curriculum will provide more opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s class.

We have also moved towards more flexible classroom spaces.  Now, our classrooms will be filled with plush rugs, low tables and chairs and comfy cushions.  We hope this space will be more inviting and cozy for students and give us greater range in how we can use the space creatively.

What we will do:

  • Continuously reflect on and update our curriculum and programs to ensure that they meet the highest standards in progressive Jewish education
  • Communicate what students are learning each week
  • Celebrate each holiday, both by learning about and experiencing the holiday

What you can do:

  • Ensure that your child attends regularly as consistency is important for developing Hebrew literacy and maintaining friendships. 
  • Teach your child that Judaism is part of every day (not just their religious school day), by attending Family Shabbat, KI Connects events and other synagogue programming and modeling Jewish practice at home. 
  • Reach out to us as soon as something is not working so that we can work together to help your child have a positive experience