(9th-12th grade)

KITT is a philanthropy program comprised of teens who are inspired to learn about challenging social issues from a Jewish perspective. Participants will be given the opportunity to decide how to responsibly give up to $20,000 to organizations that they determine are most effective in making the world a better place. Admission to KITT is by application.

By the end of the year, students who attend regularly should be able to:

  • Describe the basic process by which a board makes decisions about which grants to fund.
  • Summarize how someone might learn about where their money goes to when they make a donation to an organization.
  • Evaluate the ability of their board to follow a consensus-building model.
  • Describe the mission of the organizations their board funded and explain what the money will go towards.
  • Know the names of the other students on their board.

Learn how KITT is making a difference
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